As a trained pianist and guitarist, I've been very fortunate to learn music from a very young age and have studied music throughout my life. Throughout my education, I have had the opportunity to explore a range of genres – which certainly comes in handy for Film and TV composing!


Whilst at Cardiff University, my work has been played in North Wales (Bangor) and South Wales (Cardiff). During 2018, in collaboration with Callum Salisbury, we co-composed with winning Brass Band piece 'Saturn' written for Cardiff University's Brass Band Competition.


After graduating with a first from Cardiff University in 2019, I am now studying an MA in Composition for Film & Television in Bristol University until September 2020.

Recently, I have worked on a number of student films including animation, sci-fi, wildlife and drama. Currently, I am working on future projects and collaborations with fellow composers and filmmakers. I'm currently lined-up to score an upcoming indie film titled: Behind Closed Doors.